The Birth of the Wall Eye!

     Have you ever looked at a perfectly decorated room and cringed at the cable hanging down from your TV to your plug in?  How often have you had to run TV or Ethernet cables through a basement or into an attic just to get from one room to the next?  What about having that one wall where you want to desperately place a lamp or a radio, but no plug is available, but yet, right on the other side of that wall, a plug sits there just waiting to be used.  Enter the Wall Eye.

     The inspiration for the Wall Eye started when my wife desperately wanted a lamp on a table that sit in our living room.  The problem, there was no plugin available.  Yet, when I looked on the other side of the wall, there was a plugin sitting idle that never gets used.  That's when the idea hit me for the Wall Eye.  I looked online and saw some complicated devices that allow you to enter one side of the wall and run cords through the inside of the wall, but nothing that allowed you to simply run a plug from one side of a wall to the other through a neatly dressed port.  A few minutes later the sketch for the first Wall Eye was created. 

      I now have a lamp that sits nicely on a table at the edge of my living room, utilizing a kitchen plug that was never used before.  The entire installation may have taken 10 minutes and I think it looks as natural as any other wall outlet in the house.

     I have at least 3 holes in the floor of my main living areas where I have Ethernet cables running from a router, into my basement, and back up into a different room in the house.  Those holes will be dressed with the Wall Eye.   As I walked through my house, I noticed my TV mounted in my bedroom with the cord hanging down the wall creating an eye sore.  The wall the TV hangs on was is in front of my closet.  Two Wall Eye's later, and the cord is neatly tucked away inside the closet and I don't have to look at it every time I walk into a room.    

     I honestly don't think everyone will have a need for a Wall Eye and I don't think it's the answer to every problem when it comes to running cables, cords and plugs, but I do think it offers a cheap, easily to install solution for an average everyday issue.

Thank you for visiting the Wall Eye Solutions, llc page!

Billy Brown

Wall Eye Solutions, llc

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